Sunday, January 14, 2018

China Cabinet Makeover

A good makeover never gets old! We recently inherited my husbands Grandmother's china cabinet and dining room table with chairs. I haven't decided what color to refinish the table set in yet but I knew exactly how I wanted to redo the china cabinet! The before is really heavy and dark looking. If you haven't used Fusion Mineral Paint, you should! It has become my go to paint! Easy to use, great color selection, no priming necessary and it has a top coat built into the paint, so you don't have to seal it! One less step is always a good thing. I do recommend on higher traffic pieces you might want to add wax or a poly. 

I was planning on priming the hutch first since the wood is so dark and I was afraid of the wood bleeding through but I took a chance and painted a section to see if it was going to bleed through the paint. Nope! I wanted a chippy look to it and since the finish on the hutch was shinny/slick when I started sanding it the paint came off in larger sections & I LOVE it!

This is the before. Dark and heavy looking but has good bones!

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Champlain for the body and Rust-Oleum in Serenity Blue for the back wall.

It took 3 coats to cover completely and I started sanding it a couple hours after the paint dried so it would be easier to sand in a chippy look. I used a coarse grade, 120 grit sanding disk since already have a lot of them for my sander. Using pressure with one finger in the areas I wanted to chip away. After you have your desired look, go over it with a fine (220 grit) sanding block to get a smooth finish. 

Zibra Paint Brush's makes a round spindle brush that was perfect for the little window panes. It hugs all of the edges and covers in two stokes!

To keep with the rustic feel of this makeover I decided to do a very soft dry brush over the blue with the same color of the body of the china cabinet. You can see the difference in the top photo. The upper shelf area doesn't have the dry brush or distressing.

I painted over the hinges and distressed them. It gives a soft look with the hardware just blending in with the piece. 

I couldn't be any happier with this makeover! I'm on the hunt for an affordable chandelier and rug now! I'm thinking I want to go with a natural wood toned chandelier. Onto the next makeover!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

DIY Topiary

Firs blog post of 2018! With Christmas over and Spring on its way I'm bringing more greenery into our home. These faux topiaries are great to use year round though! I can't take credit for this amazing idea, Natalie at The Vintage Porch made these faux topiaries with Christmas evergreens and when the stems went on sale at Hobby Lobby I purchased all that they had left for a $1 each!

It took about 2 1/2-3 stems to make the top part of the topiary. I just cut a branch off of our hedge in the backyard for the stem and I had white foam balls from the Dollar Tree, they sell 2 in a package for a $1!  

You can buy green foam balls but since I already had white I just painted it green with some chalk paint. I pocked a chopstick into the ball to hold it and paint. Let it dry and pull the chopstick out.

You will pull all of the little leaf branches off of the whole stem. 

Some are shorter than the others and I used the shorter ones for the under/bottom side of the ball. You can see in the picture below how the leaves are shorter around the bottom.

Once I had most of the stems pushed into the foam ball, I pushed the branch into the ball and finished filling the spaces in with the evergreen leaves. 

I shoved the base of the branch into foam bricks that I had from one of those Edible Arrangement fruit baskets! Free! I covered the bright green up with some scrap pieces of burlap and tied jute twine around the base of the branch to gather all of the burlap to the branch and placed into an olive bucket from Hobby Lobby. 

This project was so easy and cost maybe $8-$10!! If you have ever been topiary shopping they are WAY more than $10! 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Merry & Bright Blog Hop: Christmas Kitchen

Welcome to our final week of the Merry & Bright Blog Hop: Kitchen & Dining edition! Its been so much fun doing this Christmas blog hop with these talented girls! I've been taking notes for next years Christmas décor!

I recently finished painting the back side of our kitchen since it's what you see from the living room. Some paint sure did make a world of difference! The large space above the cabinets and angled ceiling line definitely throw me off when it came time to decorate! I didn't want to spend $ on décor and I don't like it filled with stuff because it starts to just look cluttered, but for Christmas it looked empty without anything. I ended up getting the 3 embroidery Christmas hoops from Hobby Lobby and the wooden reindeer.
Everything else I already had. I went with some simple touches throughout the rest of the kitchen.  

I placed one of my husbands grandmothers embroidered Christmas napkins over a large bakers hand towel and pinned a simple ribbon to it. 

I love anything embroidered:)

I'm a Rae Dunn collector and most of my collection gets used in the kitchen! 

Our little coffee area was used as my work space for a few months when we realized we needed the counter space for kitchen items and the shelves work perfectly for the mugs and I haven't had the chance to move the cork board, so I hung some vintage ornaments on it to dress it up a bit! I plan on adding a mug rack on the wall there. 

Just by adding a little wreath around the bottom of the canister with some berries, it brings a little Christmas cheer to this small area.

Mixing in some fresh green garland above the cabinets adds a natural feel.

I wanted small wreaths just on the two cabinets above the microwave and by using what I already had, I hot glued some bottle brush trees to macramé hoops and added some ribbon. I love the simple, delicate look of them!  

I made the NOEL sign years ago and the little flowers are pinecone pieces with an acorn top center!  

Hope you've enjoyed our kitchen decorated with some simple Christmas touches! Be sure to go say hello to these lovely ladies and check out their space done up with Christmas cheer!

Lauren @Old To New Blog
Rachel @Crate & Cottage

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